Making Your Wedding Unique: Summer Celebration in the Baltimore Harbor

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When it comes to creating an unforgettable wedding, the magic is in the details. This summer, I had the privilege of photographing a truly unique and enchanting wedding in Baltimore that beautifully blended elegance with the vibrant charm of the city. Here’s how this couple made their special day stand out, offering inspiration for anyone looking to craft a wedding as unique as their love story.

NYC bride and groom posing for portrait with harbor in background

The Bride’s Unique Style

Our bride chose a non-traditional gray lace gown that exuded sophistication and grace. The V-neckline and delicate spaghetti straps highlighted her elegant silhouette, offering a modern twist on the classic wedding dress. This choice of attire was a perfect reflection of her unique personality and style, setting the tone for a wedding that was anything but ordinary.

New York City bride and groom get ready at hotel before their wedding day
Brooklyn bride and groom show off their wedding day details in close up images
Brooklyn bride and groom pose for individual portraits with harbor skyline in background
NYC bride and groom have their first look on their wedding day on top of a roof overlooking the harbor

First Look on the Rooftop

The day began with an intimate and emotional first look on the rooftop of the Canopy Hilton Hotel. Overlooking the sparkling waters of the Patapsco River, this private moment between the bride and groom was a beautiful precursor to the celebrations ahead. The backdrop of the bustling harbor and serene waters created a contrast that made their shared smiles and tears even more poignant.

New York bride and groom portrait kissing on rooftop after their first look
brooklyn NYC bride and groom couple posing indoors at hotel with off camera flash
wedding party candid photo of walking towards the camera with pier and harbor in the background with water

The Setting: Baltimore’s Iconic Waterfront

Baltimore’s waterfront, with its historical significance and breathtaking views, set the stage for a wedding that was both picturesque and full of character. The ceremony and celebrations unfolded under the watchful gaze of the iconic Domino Sugar sign, a landmark that added a touch of local flair to the day’s events.

wedding party begins walking down the dock of the harbor by the water and bride and groom begin going down aisle for wedding
New York wide shot of wedding on dock overlooking harbor and water

Ceremony on the Dock

The wedding ceremony took place on a dock near Maritime Park, flanked by boats that gently rocked on either side of the aisle. This nautical setting was perfect for the couple’s love of the water and provided a stunning, natural backdrop for their vows. As the sun glistened on the Patapsco River, the couple exchanged rings and promises in a heartfelt ceremony surrounded by their closest family and friends.

NYC couple married on dock by harbor with water in background
brooklyn couple just married candid images by experienced photographer as they walk down the aisle
side view of New York city couple walking down aisle on dock by harbor by the water
portrait of NY bride and groom posing by water and a close up of their silver wedding rings
bride and groom take water taxi cruise around harbor for wedding day as a cocktail hour experience

A Unique Cocktail Hour

In a delightful twist, the couple hosted their cocktail hour on a boat cruise around the harbor. Guests enjoyed a leisurely sail with charcuterie boards, beer, wine, and champagne, creating an atmosphere of relaxed celebration. This unique approach allowed everyone to soak in the beauty of Baltimore’s waterfront, making for an unforgettable start to the evening’s festivities.

guests of NY couple enjoy Hors d'oeuvres on the boat ride along the harbor in the water taxi

Reception at Maritime Park and Ampersea Restaurant

Upon returning to land, the party continued with a short walk to Ampersea Restaurant and the Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park. The reception venue was a seamless blend of modern elegance and historical charm, perfectly suited for a summer celebration. Guests were treated to a seated dinner that featured a delicious array of dishes, followed by heartfelt toasts that celebrated the couple’s journey and future.

water taxi cocktail hour ends and boat parks by the dock of the harbor as guests exit and head to the reception for wedding of NY couple bride and groom
NYC wedding reception details of champagne flowers cake and tables for bride and groom wedding day at harbor

Moments that Create Memories

The evening was filled with memorable moments, from the emotional speeches to the lively dancing. The cake cutting, set against the backdrop of twinkling lights and the serene harbor, was a sweet highlight of the night. The couple’s choice to incorporate local elements and their personal style into every aspect of the day made this wedding a truly unique and heartfelt celebration.

reception opens for wedding guests to make toasts sign the guestbook eat dinner cut the cake and have dessert

Tips for a Unique Wedding

  1. Choose a Meaningful Venue: Select a location that holds personal significance or showcases local charm.
  2. Personalize Your Attire: Opt for wedding attire that reflects your individual style and personality.
  3. Create Intimate Moments: Incorporate private moments, like a first look, to add emotional depth to the day.
  4. Innovative Cocktail Hour: Think outside the box for cocktail hour activities that your guests will remember.
  5. Blend Tradition with Modernity: Combine classic wedding elements with contemporary touches to create a unique atmosphere.

By infusing their wedding with personal touches and thoughtful details, this couple crafted a day that was as unique and special as their love. Their celebration in Baltimore’s vibrant and historic waterfront was a perfect example of how to make a wedding truly unforgettable.

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