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Picture yourself with some kickass photos

Screw fairytales. Let’s capture some real  love stories. 

Your wedding day. Aka a rockin’ party with your favorite people. Dancing to songs that bring you back to your college days. Bridesmaids who make funny faces while zipping up your dress. A spouse-to-be who calms you with an inside joke and a sweet kiss. Gotta love love! Especially when it’s your story.

That’s why over here we don’t do the curated, light + airy fake sh*t. This is your love story. And these are your photos. We’re sure as heck capturing them your way


Unfiltered wedding photography that makes your love story look really damn fun. 

Hey, I’m Liz 

(And that’s Peaches) 

After art school, my dad gave me some cash. Get yourself a better car. I bought a camera. Oops. And I drove my clunker proudly to capture ethical rebels deep in love. Now, I’m a couple's best artsy friend on their big day. Oh, and I finally got that nicer car.

From academic darkrooms
  To quirky venues

weddings that slay


Stop it, I’m blushing 

Aww guys...


The difference I found compared to all the other vendors is that Liz genuinely cares about you and your wedding.


Liz is one of my favorite people I've ever worked with. She is kind, direct, professional, and exactly the type of person you want taking your photos.


If you want a knowledgeable, talented, organized, and thoughtful photographer, you should absolutely choose Liz Stewart.


Liz truly captured what was important to us and the little details we don't want to forget.

- mark

Liz Stewart creates magic! She brings joy, energy and authenticity to her work that brings out the best in the bride, groom, wedding party and guests.


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Preparing for a photography session?! Here are a few suggestions to help you get ready for successful engagement, family, newborn, or other portrait photos!

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