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The kind that makes you look like you, but fiercer

Step aside awkward family photos

When you have portraits and lifestyle images done, you want them to reflect one thing. Your life. That cute squishy baby smile that your newborn just started doing. Your partner's signature faces and only-them mannerisms. Those are way better than rigid, ‘say cheese’ photos where your family looks like they're bein’ held hostage.

It’s time we take pictures of you and your fav people that scream realness. By focusing on the details that make you, you – I freeze you in a moment that shows off your best features and radiant energy. 

‘Cause tbh, that’s all that matters. Your photos have to feel like you for you to love ‘em. 

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Ready, set, shoot! If you’re rebelling against the perfectly-posed, extra-rigid photos your mom used to force you into – we gotta chat! It’s time you get some pictures that put you in your best light. 

Investment: $600 per hour of coverage 

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Oh snap, you look great!

Vibing with my ethical rebel roots? Love my unfiltered style? I can’t wait to be your artsy bestie who cares a lil’ too much about your posture. Let’s partner up and give you photos that pack your personality into every shot.

Can I get a ‘hell yes, let’s do it’? 

You had me at rebel