Meg + Dan
DC H Street Rooftop and Meridian Hill Park Engagement

October 23rd, 2016

These two are just adorable and were so much fun at our sunrise Engagement Session! We started the first half of our shoot on an incredible DC rooftop with breath-taking views of H Street. Then we grabbed a coffee to-go and hopped in an Uber. Our second stop was at the iconic Meridian Hill Park. We still had beautiful morning light as the sun shined through the just-turning fall foliage.

Meg and Dan warmed up to the camera quickly because they were naturally at ease with each other. They worked together as a team to listen to my posing requests while staying in the moment with each other. This enabled us to capture natural portraits that are representative of this couple’s sweet disposition. I think you’ll agree they are super cute!

I loved taking these photographs for you two and can’t wait for your July 2017 rooftop wedding!

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